Let it rain

We all know how to enjoy a day of sunshine. Rain on the other hand is a whole different story...

Nothing but plants thrives in the rain: Business transactions in the cities are decreasing and the city life slows down, because people does not want to get wet and cold in the rain and chooses to stay at home. These sad, empty, wet streets became the inspiration for Abrella, because we chose to see the opportunities provided by the rain instead of the obstacles. As an organisation we are striving towards creating vibrant cities full of people and life – also on rainy days.

Abrella World is the mother organisation for a growing platform of Abrella franchises in northern Europe. Our country partners help cities implement an umbrella sharing service, the so-called City Umbrellas. We are currently developing the exciting new Dripdrop, a smart umbrella sharing system, which is to be launched in March 2018. Our solutions make owning an umbrella a concept of the past and sharing umbrellas a fact of the present.